Bike rent

Bike rent

Rent your bike

At Team Galli Bike you will find a wide selection of rental bikes to choose from.

Road bikes, full suspended and front MTBs, pedal-assist bikes, city bikes and children’s bikes, as well as all the accessories you may need for a perfect tour.

To learn all the details and tell us your special requests,
write to us at,
call the number +39 0332 510111
or write to Whatsapp number +39 347 5097251

Extensive catalog

Choose the bike of your choice from our extensive catalog and be fully prepared for your next adventure!

Suggestive paths

By renting your bike from Team Galli Bike, you can venture safely on the trails that run along Lake Maggiore, tackle challenging routes or grind out miles with super performance vehicles.

Choose your path

You decide which route to take among the many offered.
Choose whether to tackle the plains, the mountains or a more varied route by selecting the category of your tuor (Family, Cyclist or Sporty), the level of difficulty and the time you want to spend riding your bike!

Click on the image, follow the link and access the Varese Province website to best set up your next tour!

Some bicycles to choose from

High performance road bikes

Bianchi, Trek, Scott, Cannondale and other top brand road bikes.Saddle service, pedal choice and more....

Full-suspended and Front Mountain bikes

Top-of-the-line, high-performance bicycles to best tackle the trails of Lake Maggiore and all kinds of trails.

Pedal-assisted bicycles

Bicycles with long battery life, ideal for enjoying the ride even when there has been no time for training.

City bikes

More comfortable and easy bicycles for those who want to move around freely and enjoy the picturesque landscape that Lake Maggiore offers.

Price list


Dedicated rental for cheaper but still high-performance bicycles (e.g., children’s bikes, city bikes, aluminum front mountain bikes, aluminum racing bikes, etc.)

  • 2 HOURS: 12 €
  • 1 DAY: 18 €
  • 2 DAYS: 30 €
  • 3 DAYS: 45 €
  • 4 DAYS: 55 €
  • 5 DAYS: 65 €
  • 6 DAYS: 75 €
  • 1 WEEK: 85 €

TOP Rent

Dedicated rental of the best, best performing, and lightest bicycles (e.g., bi-mountain or carbon bicycles, electric bicycles, carbon racing bicycles, etc…)

  • 1 DAY: 45 €
  • 2 DAYS: 90 €
  • 3 DAYS: 130 €
  • 4 DAYS: 165 €
  • 5 DAYS: 195 €
  • 6 DAYS: 220 €
  • 1 WEEK: 240 €


  • Shoes: 3 € per day
  • Helmet: 3 € per day
  • Lock: FREE
  • Child seat: 3 € per day

N.B. Some bikes may be priced differently from the above.

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