Payment methods

Payment methods

Credit card

Credit card: The purchases paid by credit card are ones of the fastest and safest. Through the most advanced cryptographic channel of 256bit SSL3 with certified server BankPass, the reference Bank will authorize only the charge of the amount connected to the purchase done. Personal details will be protected. Germignaga Sport won’t receive any information about the user or the credit card used, but only a confirmation of payment. At the end of the procedure, the customer will receive through email the notice of the payment occurred and the confirmation of the order done.

Circuits accepted: Visa – Visa Electron – Mastercard – Maestro

Transaction costs: free – Accreditation time: immediate


Paypal: PayPal allows the payment of purchases made through Internet, with few clicks of your mouse and in a completely safe and free way. After choosing this way of payment the customer will be sent to the dedicated page, where he should insert his PayPal account details (if he doesn’t have one, it is possible to register for free or to pay directly). All the details will be received and processed by PayPal who has the right to accept or deny the payment. At the end of the procedure, the customer will receive through email the notice of the payment occurred and the confirmation of the order done.

Transaction costs: free – Accreditation time: immediate

Advance bank transfer

Advance bank transfer: Once the customer has purchase the goods, he will receive through e-mail the bank details where he can execute the payment. The order will be processed and delivered in any case once the payment will be credited on our account. Every bank transfer’s cost is at the expense of the customer. If the bank transfer won’t be done within 10 days from the order, it will be automatically canceled. Our bank details are the following:

IntestatarioGermignaga Sport S.a.s. Di Galli Manuel & C.
BancaUBI Banca S.p.A. – Filiale di Germignaga
C/C: 00087323
IBANIT92W 03111 50290 0000 00087323

Please send a copy of the payment by email to the address or by fax to the number: +39-0332-510111.

The delivery will be done once the payment will be credited on our account. (Average time: 2-3 days from the date of the payment).

NOTE: The advance bank transfer must be executed within 10 working days from the date of the order. Passed that period, the order will be automatically cancelled.

Transaction costs: variable – Accreditation time3-4 days

Cash on delivery

Through the “cash on delivery” service the payment is to be made by cash directly to the courier on the delivery of the goods. The service is available just for deliveries destined for Italy and entails an additional charge of EUR 5,00. 

Transaction costs: EUR 5,00 (just for Italy) – Accreditation time: at the delivery

Germignaga Sport – Style Point

Furthermore it is possible to collect the goods ordered online or buy products directly at our shop in Piazza XX Settembre 37, 21010 Germignaga (VA) – ITALIA. The payment, in that case, could be done by cash, by credit card or cashpoint card.

Transaction costs: free – Accreditation time: at the delivery

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