Trek Powerfly 4 Gen 4 2023 – Ebike

Original price was: €4.299,00.Current price is: €3.439,20.

The Powerfly 4 625 is our most affordable electric mountain bike, despite being equipped with a boosted 625 watt-hour battery. In addition, you can count on our RIB (Removable Integrated Battery) system, which allows you to remove and reinstall the battery with the utmost ease. Furthermore, you can take advantage of all the features that make the Powerfly 4 the ideal choice for discovering the beauty of pedal assistance, on the road or off-road.

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15 - 22 Jul, 2024
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Trek Powerfly 4 Gen 4 2023 - Ebike

Trek Powerfly 4 Gen 4 2023 – Ebike

Original price was: €4.299,00.Current price is: €3.439,20.

Dettagli prodotto

Ideal for you!

You’re excited about the e-bike revolution and want the efficiency and versatility of a mountain bike at a different price than the car you’re looking to use less and less. You want to experience new off-road adventures and you know that an e-MTB equipped with the latest and most practical technologies is the best solution to make your dream come true.

The technology you get 

Robust yet elegant aluminum frame that completely conceals a long-range 625Wh battery, for an elegant look, Bosch Performance Line CX motor (250W, 85Nm) with pedal assistance up to 25km/h, intelligent and ergonomic Intuvia system controller, transmission Shimano 1×10 and suspension fork with lockout.

Additionally, the Smart Wheel Size philosophy allows you to install the most efficient wheel based on frame size (29″ wheels on larger frames, 27.5″ wheels on smaller frames). The last word This model has a more powerful battery than a standard Powerfly 4: this means unlimited fun.


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